Five steps to ensure you finish your project on time

Painting a wall

At Port Paint and Paper in Port Colborne they have the expert advice you need for your next big paint project. Painting can be an overwhelming prospect. However if you get your mind focused on the task at hand and have the right tools and advice (and enough hands) you can get the job done in a day. Here are five easy steps for your next painting project:

1.    Cleaning and Prep: Painting on dirty walls will affect the way the paint adheres. Therefore it is very important to clean your walls properly. Use water and a mild detergent and wipe everything down with a sponge. Then do another once over with clean water without soap to remove any residue left behind. Apply painter’s tape to all of your moulding, floor edges and any walls with which you might come into contact.

2.    Cut In: A pro painter’s tip is to always start in the corners using a trim brush. This is called cutting in. Paint about three inches out and then complete the walls a section at a time. It is important to work wet on wet with the paint to avoid visible lines and creases on the surface.

3.    Ceiling: When painting your ceiling make sure you have as little paint on the roller as possible to avoid excess dripping. Start in the corner and work out from each line as you continue the job. Also work the width (the less wide area of the room) first as it will be easier to keep the paint even.

4.    Painting: If you have painted your ceiling make sure it is dry before proceeding with the rest of your walls. You can use the same cut in process between the wall and ceiling line. You can then begin filling in the walls with your roller. Make a large “W” in the centre of the wall and then fill it in. It is tempting to move back and forth between walls. However it is best to complete each wall individually, one at a time.

5.    Trim: Allow your walls to dry completely before removing tape on your trim. Then remove it gently. Apply painter’s tape to the wall above the trim. Use a two inch angle brush for the best results. Start at the top of door and window frames and smooth any drips as you go. Start from the highest trim and work your way down to your baseboards.

At Port Paint and Paper they can help you find the perfect paint colour for your home. They will also provide you with the advice you need to get the job done as efficiently as possible. They are located at 209 King Street in Port Colborne. You can also call 905-835-8424 for more information.

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