Four common problems that can derail your next project

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At Port Paint and Paper in Port Colborne they can provide you with a number of painting tips to help you avoid some common interior painting challenges. Here is a list of a few of the issues you will want to avoid when painting your walls:


When there is poor adhesion your paint will bubble as you apply it to your walls. As the bubbles burst you will end up with an unpleasant cratering effect on your walls. If you want to keep your paint from bubbling follow these handy tips:

•    Use a clean, dry surface

•    Prime and seal stains and let it dry completely

•    Make sure you prime new compound with the proper latex primer as you cannot apply paint directly to this surface

•    Don’t paint in hot and humid conditions

•    Avoid moisture in the area you are painting


•    Speak to your paint store and ask what paint works best on the surface you are painting such as a top-quality, oil-based paint or semi-gloss or gloss acrylic latex paint

•    Avoid low-quality latex paints as these paints do not have the proper block resistance needed which can lead to sticking

•    Make sure you allow paint to dry according to the label instructions

Flaking and Cracking

You might notice flaking and cracking of older paint jobs in your home. If you are painting and want to avoid flaking and cracking in a few years follow these tips:

•    Avoid low-quality paint which will not provide the best adhesion and flexibility

•    Never apply oil-based paints over latex

•    Make sure you are applying enough paint to the walls

•    Always follow the proper prep steps to avoid issues down the line including using a primer

•    Avoid painting on very hot days

•    Always allow paint to dry completely between coats


A number of mistakes can cause paint to foam leading to craters including:

•    Shaking paint cans that are only partially filled

•    Using old paint or applying gloss or semi-gloss over flat and vice versa

•    Rolling paint too quickly

•    Using a roller cover with the wrong nap length

At Port Paint and Paper they can have everything you need to get the job done right including trusted advice.  They are located at 209 King Street in Port Colborne. You can also call 905-835-8424 for more information.

Sticking is common between doors and door jams as well as windows and window frames. Here is how to avoid sticking:

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