How to make sure you can get the job done right – the first time!

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At Port Paint and Paper in Port Colborne they offer everything you need to transform your space. Painting might seem like a massive undertaking however as long as you start the job right you can easily complete a medium room in less than a day. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your paint project.


Here are the tools you will need to make the job easier:

•    Primer

•    Paint

•    Paint brushes

•    Paint rollers

•    Roller trays

•    Drop cloths

•    Cleaning cloths

•    Putty knife

•    Spackling compound

•    Steel wool/sandpaper

•    Tack cloth

•    Painter’s tape

•    Screwdriver


Before you begin to paint take these easy steps to avoid having to stop and start during your painting project:

•    Remove all of your switch plates and place the plates and screws together in a baggy so they do not get lost

•    Take down all of your artwork, remove the hooks and nails and tape them to the back of the art so they don’t get lost

•    Tape off all of your moulding , adjacent walls that aren’t being painted and the carpet or floor at the edge just to be safe

•    Look at your walls and look for anything such as cracked and peeling tape and scrape off with a scraper or putty knife

•    Use a spackling compound to fill any holes or imperfections and allow to dry, then sand and smooth

•    Wipe down walls to remove dust, cobwebs and noticeable stains

•    If you encounter anything greasy use a heavy duty cleaner such as TSP to remove it from the walls

•    Sand any areas that seem to be glossy

Using these tips will help you prepare for your painting project. At Port Paint and Paper they can offer the supplies and advice you need for your next paint project. They are located at 209 King Street in Port Colborne. You can also call 905-835-8424 for more information.

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